SONY DRX-510ul

:a [B] I have uswed this external DVD RW many times. I just tried to burn a DVD and it gave me an error, BUT it won’t let me get the media out. The orange light keeps blinking off and on rapidly; the door to open the drawer doesn’t seem to do anything. I have tried putting a paper clip into the small hole,; it goes in about an inch, but doesn’t release anything.
Does anyone have any suggestion?

Sometimes it takes a real shove, like a sewing needle and a pair of pliers. This is the only method to get the carrier unlocked without damaging the drive, even though the rapid blinking light usually means its stuffed anyway.

I have the same problem, I just finished burining 50 copys of a cd to be published and they just gave me an order for fifty more by tonight and I put the first blank disk in and it just started blinking. I will Repost when I find a solution.