Sony DRX-510UL Weirdness

I searched the forums, and was unable to find a thread that was like my problem, so, here I am.

I am running XP SP2, all patches and updates installed, and no major changes to the system for months. I have been using an external Sony DRX-510UL interfacing via IEEE1394 through an adaptec controller for over 2 years now, and it has functioned with out a flaw. I noticed a month or so ago that the drive was not reading CDs…at all. I hadn’t noticed because I had basically stopped using CDs and use DVDs.

The drive works flawless concerning DVDs. Reads all discs, burns DVD-RW (DLA), DVD-R (data and video) with out a flinch.

Problem: The drive no longer reads or writes (or even notices that there is disc in there) CDs. I am at a loss.

I have updated firmware to 1.1a via the instructions on Sony’s site, and it flashed fine. I still have the same result. I have removed upper and lower filters in the registry, uninstalled the device in device manager, disabled the drive and re-enabled it, and also have removed any software to do with the drive and or burning. I have tried all of these in different combinations, restarting and or shutting in-between. It has been a few week process. I don’t really NEED to burn a CD, but I would like to be able to read one.

Any help is appreciated.


Hi and welcome,

can you try the drive on another computer? So you could sort out issues with your system. If you still can’t access CD media, then possibly that part of your drive (there are two lasers, one for CD, one for DVD) has died.


Than you.

I will try it on another machine seeing as it is portable, and connect it via 1394, and then USB 2.0 and see if there is a difference.

Thank you. I actually did not know there was a laser for each type of media! Love technology, and love learning something new every day.