Sony drx-500ul problem

Hi everyone , have a problem with some dvd-r media with my sony drx-500ul .
When i burn with dvd+r media all sort of media is being accepted and the burns are succesfull , but when i use some dvd-r media the recording is not starting and gives a error .
When i do a medium info it says empty and the right size , so the disk is readable .

I used the following dvd-r media : that’s write - princo - bulpaq - arita and verbatim .
And the all hang when the recording starts .

I have firmware 1.0f , must i upgrade to 1.0g to resolve the problems with these disk ?

Or am i using the wrong media ?

thanks in effort


First welcome to the forum sippie!
This drive is picky about what DV-R/RW media it supports. They have a media compatibility list and verbatim, one of the disc you tried is on their approved media list. See here:
The only exception on verbatim is: “The earlier versions of Verbatim branded 2X DVD-R media sold in USA and Canada regions before October 31, 2002.”
Firmware 1.0f should work fine without upgrading to 1.0g, although I don’t think the upgrade will hurt and might help.