Sony DRX-500UL / copy2dvd problem

Are there any users of the Sony DRX-500UL out there who have come across this problem:

I have used the DRX-500UL to back up many disks successfully, using DVD Decrypter (single layer) and a combination of DVD Decrypter with DVD2One or DVDShrink and Copy2DVD (dual layer).

However, for the dual layer disks I have only managed a successful burn using DVD RW media. Even if I have successfully burned a DVD using DVD RW and then try to burn the same files to a DVD R, I end up with a coaster.

The burn process appears to work but the resulting DVD R is not recognized by my stand alone DVD player or even the DRX-500UL that just burned it.

Initially I thought this might be happening where the disk length exceeds 2 hours, but I get the same result when the material being burned is no more than 90 minutes (DVD RW burns ok, DVD R appears to burn but cannot be played)

I know that the DRX-500UL is working OK because I have backed up many single layer disks using just DVDDecrypter.

Has anyone out there, using this combination of products, come across the same problem? Or could someone who uses the DRX-500UL confirm that they have succesfully backed up dual layer disks to a single DVD R.

Any suggestions, advice etc. would be much appreciated.


It’s my understanding that for any program to write DVDs that will be compatible with many older stand alone’s, you need to enable UDF 1.02.

In CopyToDVD, go to Options, Properties, File System, select UDF 1.02.

Here’s a post discussing problems with getting disk to play in stand alone’s. It’s burned in Nero, but the concept is likely the same with other programs. Go here

Hope this helps.