Sony dru830a won't recognize burned dvd-r

i’ve just brought home a sony dru830a dvd writer recently but encountered difficulty on reading burned dvd-r media.
Everything worked just fine in the early stage from reading blank dvd-r media to finish copying files to the media
but when i try to put the burned dvd-r back into the drive and read it
the drive recognized it as a blank dvd-r but with 0 byte in it(both used/free space)
(there is no problem while working with dvd+r media)
any idea how this could happened?

Burn with verify, update the IDE drivers.

Looks like the Samsung 18x DVD-R issue. Sony DRU 830 is a rebadged SH-S182D.


so is there any chance to crossflash it with samsung firmware?


Yes, there is. Note, you’ll void any warranty and you’ll risk killing your drive.
Note, that Samsung’s official firmware suffers from that issue, too. So you’d need the special CDfreaks Edition firmware.

You’ll find any further information in the Samsung forum. Start with the FAQ :slight_smile:


i just brought that home 1 month ago
i think i’ll just let it be until official firmware is release to solve the prob
can’t take the risk to lose it this early…

thx for all replies anyway :wink: