Sony DRU820a

which benq drive is it?

which of the drives support 5x dvd ram the 1670 supports that , so i am guessing the dru 820a is the 1670 benq?

i will be getting it by wednesday on a warranty replacement just wanted to make sure

Yup the DRU 820A is the Benq 1670

But at the moment there is no BenQ 1670 firmware available, so you will have to live with the Sony firmware which by the way is very good.

This firm may crossflash DW1670 to DRU-820A.

Is this spam?? Also why would you crossflash from a 1670 to a 820 when the 1670 isnt even out yet, and why would you want to?

Whats the source of that firmware? The size and makeup of the firmware looks suspect.

I think thats the firmware from Sony, for Sony 820A, which is a rebadge of benq 1670.

Right, but the firmware file is incompatible to the included patched plextor flasher.