Sony DRU720A not burning/reading CD-Rs!

I have a Sony DRU720A DVD burner. I was working fine till some days ago…But now it does not burn CD-Rs. Whenever I try to burn a cd the buffer level doesn’t increase ( Nero 6) and stays still.
It reads some CD-Rs but the reading speed is pathetically slow. It took me around 35 minutes to copy a 600 MB file from a CD-R.Even if I try to play a video file off the CD-R, the video skips a lot of frames and plays like a slideshow (frame by frame).
But for most of the CD-Rs, it just refuses to read. If i eject the CD and then insert it back it detects the written CD-R as a Blank CD.
I have no problems as yet reading/burning DVDs/DVDRs/DVDRWs etc.I had a problem burning a DVD-RW once but it has never come after I upgraded my firmware(JY08).

Hi, that sounds as if the laser unit for CD is damaged. In that case, there is no solution than to replace the drive. Is it on warranty? If yes, then contact customer support.


No…my bad luck…The warranty expired last month…
R u sure there is no other option than replacing the drive? Can’t the problem be fixed?
Any reason why this happened?
Also which DVD burner would u recommend for occassional backup w or w/o lightscribe?

the cd part is dead. it’s the hardware and it can’t be fixed.
you can buy any of the new liteon writers if you want to stick with liteon. any other new writer will do the same job, but i would recommend lg, benq and nec.
benq dw1655, liteon 16h5s/165h6s and lg 4166b feature lightscribe.

I don’t think i will go for a LiteOn drive now. Will buy a new LG drive…Thanks for the help