Sony dru720a dvd writer doesnt read-write several dvds

i have an sony dru720a dvd writer the problem is that it doesnt read several dvds and info tool shows that no disc is inserted. also it doest not write dvd+r(single layer) whereas it is compatible to to write +r9 dvds according to sony.i had updated my firmware to jy 08 which also didnt helped. also insalled missing system aspi files which also didnt helped. im using nero

please help! :doh:

please reply i have got no solution from anywhere

Test in another computer first.

i had tested those dvds in friends comp they working fine their even the blank ones are detect by tgeir writer

I meant the drive!

i had checkd my drive in my friends comp and it was not reading those dvds there also.
please give me some idea about what the problem could be

pls. reply

How about seeking warranty? It looks like the dvd part of your drive died premature.

:confused: Leo

Isn’t that drive a rebranded Benq 1670? Maybe crossflashing to the true firmware would help if it is.

Nope, he should RMA it.