Sony DRU710A burn issues


I’m having issues with my burner ever since i upgraded the firmware to BYX5. The problem arises when i try to burn DVD files to DVD. These are DVD files that i’ve converted from mpeg files. The conversion is fine since i check the DVD file before i burn it.

I’ve used WinAviVideo converter as well as tmpegenc DVD author to burn the files and i’m getting the same results. I’m using Sony DVD-R(1-8x) blank discs and i’ve burned at 6x, 8x, and 12x and gotten the same results so i’m thinking it’s not the programs or the DVD but the burner.

The issue is whenever i play the DVD, there’s a sort of twitching going on. It’s very subtle but definitely noticeable and happens throughout the movie, the video and audio are fine but the twitching is annoying. It seems like the whole movie is in slow motion. ANy help will be appreciated.

I think this is the wrong section for your problem.

Anway, I think you should use better media.

To be sure that it ain’t a converter software problem burn an image of your video files (using nero image writer, for example). Then load that image to virtual device and see if there’s a same problem.