Sony DRU700A + CMC Media quality check

I apparently registered here in 2003 but totally forgot about it until just now. If I’m posting this in the wrong forum, do forgive me.

Anyhow, I’m fairly new to DVD burning as I only recently got my DVD writer. I came across a discussion about burners and media and wanted to see how “good” or “bad” my drive and media choices were.

I’d also like to know if I should carry on buying the same media or whether I should try something else. I understand how difficult it is to find good media so I won’t be asking for recommendations. I have heard that TY media is pretty good for many drives, and it’d be good to know if I would benefit from it based on my results.

I’ve attached a KProbe scan and a Nero Info Tool summary.

Thank You.


I know this post hasn’t left the 1st page of posts and it’s been only about a day since I posted this, but I’d like an opinion from someone/anyone soon as I’ll be going down to the computer superstore to buy some media on Wednesday.


scan @ 4x. I’m guessing this will be a good scan without the spikes. You should also do a cdspeed transfer rate test as well as the PI/PF test just to get a better overall picture.

Thanks for your reply.
I did another KProbe2 scan at 4x as well as a CD-DVD Speed Transfer Rate and quality scan. The results are attached. What do these results show? Does the CMC media I’m using work well with my drive or should I try another brand?

Here is the media I’m using.

I’m just backing up my Hot Shots! DVD.

The results…

Thank You!