Sony DRU700 question

Hi all

Does anyone here know what sort of copy protections the sony dru700 can handle?

I’m guessing you mean the DRU700A? According to most sources it can correctly encode EFM, so theoretically it can backup Safedisc 3.20.022 as a 1:1 copy…BUT! dont get too excited, as we have found since the new version of Safedisc came out correct EFM encoding, and sheep counts dont mean much, its the luck of the draw. I’ll vouch for Sony, I have a DRU510A Dino Model, that only passes the 1 sheep test yet has burnt working backups of Doom3 and Sims 2.

Thanks for the info pollushon and yes, its a dru700a flashed with VY06 firmware, i was thinking about testing the drives capabilities.