SONY DRU530a and ide led



I will go crazy. My configuration is like this:

Asus p4p800 MB in bios 19
Sony DRU 530 A DVD RW firmware 2.1C
Windows XP prof sp2

The problem is that when Xp is booted the IDE led stated is starting flashing in a stable frequercy(no other problem.dvd wr work fine). Whem I unplug the DVD rw no problem remains (no led blinking). I test with a knoppix boot cd in which no blinking appeared.

At last I decided to install the windows from sratch. The interesting thing is that the same blinking issue appeared during the installatin wizards. So it is some wrong with Microsoft since there is no problem (ide led blinking) in Linux enviroment.

Please advice.

PS: I have not installed system aspi driver. (What is it?)

Thank you in advanceā€¦