SONY DRU510A reset learnt mediaproblem

Hi guys,
I have problem that i can’t solve. When I try to reset learnt media or make backup of EEPROM I get error message:
“Error reading EEPROM from drive!”

Can annyone help me please? PLease please please…

The DRU-510A is not a LiteOn drive.

So, is there any chance to reset learnt media on my SONY? I have problem because when i write DVDs i get “power calibration error” message?

Heeelp… Please please please… :(((

The DRU-510A is completely different from any LiteOn drive. For all we know, it might not even have any kind of learning.

So does anyone have any idea why he get me “power calibration error” message?

Because the media that you’re using is not good for the drive.

It’s also possible for software conflicts to result in throwing errors that seem unrelated - if there is a problem with the initial communication with the drive, it may appear to be a “power calibration error”.


Please take a look at the posting guidelines announcement at the top of the forum. In there will be a link to a troubleshooting guide. You may wish to look through that guide and see if it helps.