Sony DRU510A only burns at 2x speed a dvd-r

I have a Sony Dru510A and I have the 1.0c firmware but the problem is that the dvd-r that has capability of 4 x burning, the Writer only see that dvd-r has 2 x maximum.

I use Princo Dvd-R 4x and also I have The Classic Datawrite DVD-R 4 x and I use the burn software VERITAS Recordnow Max. 4.60.

I hope someone can help me out here.

You must be letting the program choose the speed depending on the media you have. Nero will also do this. All dvd-r media that I have seen is 2x maybe 2.5, so you will need to find 4x dvd-r media for it to burn at 4x.


The Princo and the Datawrite have both 4 x support, but when I go in Veritas Record Now. it only shows Used Speed 2 x instead of 4 x, so I am not able to choose higher then 2 x even the dvd-r has support for 4 x.

The drive is choosing a slower speed because it cannot write reliably to it @ 4X. Better that than it burning coasters or a bunch of CRC errors.

The DVD Media market still isn’t at the point where it’s OK to buy poor quality and have it burn at its rated speed 100% of the time. I suggest you pick up some brand name media TDK, Ritek, Taiyo Yuden etc… if you want to reliably burn @ 4X.

BTW I have a 510UL that burns Princo @ 4X with 1.0C. Maybe you got a bad batch. Have you tried scanning the disc before you burn to see if there are any surface errors?

I don’t think it is abad batch because I have 50 of those Princo Dvd-r but non can be burned at 4 x even the datawrite’s I have are not able to burn at 4 x.

Is it maybe perhaps the burning software?

What do you mean with “not even the datawrite”? They are just princo, and probably bad ones. Why do you think does Princo not sell these under their own name?

You can only find out if the problem is the software by buying good 4x media and checking whether or not the problem still persists

Well, I have Princo and Datawrite brands here.

And you say that Datawrite is the same as Princo only uses another name.

Hi to everyone,
i have the same prob.
The media is: princo dvd-r 1-4X. the program (RecordNow DX) correctly recognize the 4x and the time estimated is 15 min but during the process the time goes up and the final time is 30 min.
The firmware is 1.0C and the DMA is enambled.
some hints?


We had the Same Problem

Tried Almost all Firmwares
Other Nero-Versions
other Disk(and yes, some did on 4x like the pioneer who costs almost 5 Euro, but that was too expensive)
Contact Sony, several times

Conclusion: There was no Solution for our problem, it is like buying a Porche that can only drive 90 Km/h :frowning:

So last week, we sold the sony and bought the pioneer A06 who is cheaper and … it has burned every disk already on 4.1…(we used Princo’s)

I think my conclusion is clear and if you read forums on the net… I am not the only one who thinks that way…

Friendly greets :slight_smile:


So, in other words Sony has f**cked us up by saying the Dru500A has 4x speed support and yet it only shows 2x in all burn programms even the media has support for 4x speed burning.

In that case I think Sony is a cheap lamer. That is all I have to say about this.

Mh…so far no one seems to blame the crappy media for this. Strange :rolleyes:

Did anyone ever come up with the idea that trying princo, princo, princo and again princo will not show new results? Or that the Pioneer drive may handle crap discs better? Or that Sony limits Princo writing to 2x, because the write quality at 4x would be worse?

BTW, I have so far not heard of any problems with Verbatim 4x media on the Sony drive.

Hello alexnoe,

Like I said. We tested more media then princo only.
With the media of pioneer, we could write 4X but… they cost almost 5 Euro while the Princo’s costs about € 1.40

I have read too that Princo is crap but for me it isn’t. I have had no problems with data or anything else that was written on Princo’s.

Friendly greets


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To Weazle

Yes exactly, same here.
Because Princo is only 1,40 Euro and also I have never had any problem, so I do not like to buy expensieve media just because they are compatible with the Sony Drua510A, so in my opinion it is not the fault of the Media but Sony, since the burner can burn at 4x but since it is so crappy it can not see that cheaper media types like Princo, Datawrite etc. also support 4x.


@ Tweakers, they posted that there is a new firmware version that resolves the 2x write problem…

Maybe it works

Hi all,

I recently bought a DRU-500A unit and had no problems writing at 4x on Princo DVD-Rs until my PC froze (lot’s of random coloured junk on the screen). Now, Nero doesn’t offer the 4x speed anymore. Any ideas ?

P.S: Tried updating firmware but the Sony software doesn’t find the unit.

i have that problem with a 510ul

the updater says it does not find the drive… anyone know how to fix it?

it is connected thru firewire and burns but id like to get the FW updated

Its not only princo that has this problem its ritek also
most 4x ritek only write at 2x on my dru500ax and i know of at least 7 other people who have the same problem with the sonys not only on this site but on a few others
the sony just does not seem to be as compatible with media as the pioneers…
Tried all firmware up to latest 2.0g
This only happens with the dvd-r media
some people have had some limited sucess with flashing there drive with liteon firmware but it does not work for all.
(also because of warrenty issues most dont try it ) why should you really if liteon can improve things why cant sony…