Sony DRU510A Help :(

Hi ive had this Sony DRU510A dvd-r + rw for about 3/4 Months, Right uptill today ive had no problems, However i was doing a standard burn to a DvDr (datawrite Classics) when all of a sudden my drive made a really bad noise, the Drive became locked and the light flashed really really fast. The drive wouldnt Eject open/ Even after a reboot, I had to use that small pin hole under the drive to release the CD. Ive tried changing the power supply to the Cd drive, the IDE lead from my Cdrw. But no luck. The DVDR is still flashing constantly really fast. and the cd drive wont open / close. I tried running the sony dvd support prog that you can download from their site, but that program dosent even find my Sony Drive :frowning:

Any Advice? Any Help

Im british, and i brought this DVDR in Florida on my holiady

Many thanks in advance


You are going to have to RMA that drive.

I had the same thing happen to me after 1 week!

Lucky you had it running for 3 or 4 months

If you reboot the computer, pay attention to what the drive
lists as. It’ll usually say Sony BOOT DVD device or something
like that.

The drive needs repair, nothing you can do to it.