Sony DRU501A big problem



the drive does not react.
The light in front of the drive blinks constantly. It starts blinking from the moment the drive gets electric power (it starts blinking when i power on the PC -> at loading of the BIOS)


  • OS: WinXP
  • SONY DRU510A

Actions that lead to the problem:
While writing a DVD+R, i opened the explorer and pointed to the drive. Because the drive was busy writing a disc the explorer seems to hang. After 5 minutes i closed the explorer using the task-manager. Even the taskbar disappeared but reappeared after a bit. The burn-software gives the message that the writing was done with errors (error messages like this ‘…needs to reset…’). Then i wanted to get the disc out of the drive but the led is blinking fast and does not react on my actions. The same problem exists after several reboots. I even had to open the tray with a paperclip to get my DVD.

Actions done without progress:

  • I took out the drive from the PC and let it about 20 ours without electric power.
  • The application to update the firmware does not recognises the drive.
  • The same problem exists when starting up with another OS (Win2000 Pro).

Can anyone give me a solution please?

With kind regards,
Tony Claesen.


I found a solution here:

remain amused.