Sony Dru500AX

My new Sony DRU500AX is not working properly so I installed the drive in my computer at work and it worked fine so the drive is not the problem. I need some ideas as to what would be causing my Sony to not read dvd’s properly (picture is all blocky) and only able to read text files off a cd in the drive but not the executables or autorun files. My computer is an AMD 1800+ with two 40GB HD, DVD reader (which plays fine), CD-RW and a ZIP drive. All are ATPI devices with the DVD rom & ZIP drive attached to a Sig ATA 133 controller. I have various DVD software for reading/burning installed on Windows XP Pro with SP1 operating system. I have 40GB HD (boot drive) connected as 1st Master w/CD-RW connected as slave and the Sony connected as the 2nd Master w/40GB HD as slave. Everything works great on my system except that darn Sony. Any help would be great as I am going to have resort to calling Sony.


Check the transfer mode for the IDE Channel where it’s installed in the Device Manager, make sure it reads ‘DMA if avaliable’.

Worth noting, if Intel Application Accelerator is installed you will need to start it up in order to tell if DMA is being used on your devices.

I figured out what was causing the Sony DRU500-AX not to read/play properly. For some reason the transfer mode must have UDMA turned off for the channel (Secondary Master) in which the Sony is connected to. Sony tech hotline suggested this. It seems to working fine now. Strange that I have never had to do that for any of my other drives. Thx, for your suggestions.