Sony DRU500AX read this before you buy

I just bought a Sony DRU500AX. One thing I install the software some thing happen to my C drive all the extra space I had on C was gone I look in the CD drive could not find want was taking up 1.5gig’s. Do not use there software that come’s with the drive. Also the DRU500AX cannot burn cheep media not even good cheep media you buy in the store’s like
K HYPERMEDIA crash on ever burn My AO4 never had this problem I once had cheep media that would not burn on any DVD burn right that was from meritline. Did not matter what DVD burner you use those DVD-R just plain sucked at I just want to add that my friend has the DRu500a and his can burn cheep media K HYPERMEDIA with no problem and so can my Ao4

Did you update to the latest firmware?

This is the DRU500AX that has the newest firmware if people have the DRu500A that one can be upgrade

weird i have the dru500ax and have had not had a coaster yet,not even a fail burn on a dvd+rw?

i have the DLA and recordNow DX software installed aswell and no probs?

are you burning at 4x with the cheap media?


fattypack I found the problem. Some of the sony are shipping with bad laser’s. This is what you have to do buy Memorex 3 pack of DVD-R or KHypermedia they sell KHypermedia at Microcenter Memorex and KHypermedia are the same they buy from another company and just put there name on it. Both are 1X on my pioneer AO4 on the DRu500AX it let’s you burn them at 2X if your can not burn these bring it back also check this site out

They same what media work’s best on the DRu500AX my friend has a DRU500A and it burn’s ever thing

I have the dru-500AX and it is working fine! I have installed the software that came with it and also Instantcopy Nero and others…it works well even with the cheapest media i found…

i used Fujifilm, Hp, Tdk, Verbatim, Memorex, MAGNEX(the cheaperst i found) Philips and so on…not even a coaster till now…

maybe your drive is damaged…

I have problem too, but now it fixed!

I update IDE driver (i use sis mobo)
sis/via need latest ide driver, while intel works great with windows driver
thx, hope solve the probs