Sony DRU500AX Problems

I have just bought the Sony DRU500AX, this is the problem… I can record on a DVD+R using Sony software no probs, if I put in a DVD-R it burns for 2 mins then spits it out saying there is some sort of fault. If I use Nero, it won’t record on either, just says something about blank media. I am using Bulkpaq DVD+R and DVD-R, also tried Datawrite DVD-R, these work no probs in a friends Sony DVDrewriter. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG???

i have the same problem with my sony drx-500 ul , dvd+r no problem .
But with dvd-r its a drama .

i used these media and the all hanged in the firsr minute :

arita 2 speed comp.
bulpaq 2 speed comp.
that’s write 1 speed comp.
Princo 1 speed comp.
maxel 2 speed comp.
verbatim 2.0 2 speed comp.
sentinels 2 speed comp.

So if anybody has sugestions please help jenner and me :slight_smile:

I just bought the same drive and had the same problem with NERO. What I found out is that NERO doesn’t support this Sony drive. You have to download a plugin from Ahead. I instead switch to the software that it came with. Hope this helped.