SONY DRU500AX and RecordNow Max 4.6

Hello everybody.
Yesterday I installed the Sony DRU500AX burner (after waiting for more than a month!).
Now, I used some That’s Write 2x media to make a video DVD backup copy, but RecordNowMax wouldn’t accept to burn them due to some “fingerprints” on media o similar. But I tried with 5-6 media!! And all the same message. Also with DVD+RW in bundle media the same message.
So I tried to use Nero last version, everything was ok, except for some warning messages before burning process (I really don’t know why).
Is there anyone who encountered the same problem as mine?
In the evening, I could burn a That’s Write (perhaps focusing on AUDIO_TS folder in the job details???), perfect in play on DRU500AX, unrecognize on LITEON 165H DVD player (all recording were done at 1x speed), instead the DVD+RW was read perfectly by player.
Am i missing some particular setting?
Is it true that to master a video DVD from hard disk with RecordNow Max I have to create a new job, then select data DVD and then DVD TAO with Closed setting?
For compatible with all the major DVD player, which is the best setting for doing a perfect DVD video backup from hard drive?
Thank you in advance!

it is known that Record Now as some issues with the sony recorder…

why don’t you try Padus Discjuggler?
It burns cds and dvds… and it is a mastering software…

I bought it some months ago and I’me very happy with it…

In second choice, and for duplicating only, try ALCOHOL 120%…
Also very good

Is the firmware of the recorder updated?

My Sony DRU500AX came with Recordnow DX and I have had no trouble backing up movies or PS2 with it.

The firmware is 2.0c, and last version has come: 2.0e.
This evening I’ll try to update the firmware to this version.
By the way, thank you very much for your precious info!


I have firmware 1.0d and no problems with RecordNow DX 4.60.

Except for when the total filesize comes too close to the limit it won’t record, not even when it shows that there’s still 70MB free space. I don’t have this with Nero.
But what I do burn with RecordNow works.

I had the max version, but the DX version was higher so I installed that one…
Can someone tell me the difference between RecordNow Max and RecordNow DX??


I read, that RecordNow MAX will only burn at 1X with DRU-500. You should have a special version called RecordNow DX, that came with the drive, wich works fine.