Sony DRU500A

:eek: I have read a lot of threads on this new Sony drive. I have had several of the same problems and want to let you know the most important facts i have learned. This drive wants to be on the SECONDARY MASTER M/B controller with no other drives attached on the IDE chain. You will not have continous success if other drives are on the same chain, nor will you have continued success if it’s on a ATA controller other than the one you have “on board”. Sony is aware of this problem and will not support your drive unless this topoligy concurrent with what i have written. Problems resulting from not having this configuration is as follows:

DvdXCopy: I/O error
DVDDcryptor: I/O error
Nero: buffer underrun
Fireburner: buffer underrun.

It took me a while to figure this info out by going to several forums. I like this forum the best so wanted to fill yall in. After the headaches are gone i will finally enjoy this DVD drive.
P.S. make sure your at least firmwared to 1.0g