Sony DRU500A

Does anyone know the price of this drive? It has been released on 4th Sept…

maybe 300£ (approximately 520€)


They told me October and £300.

AVLand gave me some more info about this drive check my site out.

try here dudez…>>> h**p://


They still don’t have a shipping date :frowning:

Not available in the US either as of Oct 1st

If you live in the US you can get it for $253 shipped from The thing I want to know is this drive or will this drive be compatible with Nero, disc Juggler, etc??


I think the price you are quoting is “IF” you buy it with a DELL system. If you buy it as an individual item it is selling for $308 +Tax and Shipping from Dell.

I called and spoke with Dell and they do have it in stock as of 10/01/2002

Manufacturer Part# DRU500A
Dell Part# A0060843

Gateway computers has it as well, but for a higher price.

I would assume that since these companies are HIGH volume dealers they get first dibs for stock from SONY.

If you can’t wait then for Americans anyways… it looks like just about the only ones that have it are DELL and GATEWAY

No, the price I stated is if you put the current saver coupon code in. $253.06 is what it comes out to. No additional purchase necessary & that price is shipped.

Okay… sounds good to me.

Where do I get this SAVER coupon?

The coupon code is: A9FC39A7B976

This coupon expires today 2002/10/01 (October 1, 2002)

They have a $25 dollar off coupon for orders over $200 and a %10% on storage devices and Free ground shipping $7.00

Total comes to: $253.06 as minimoe stated.

I don’t think you actually need the coupon code(s) as the website appears to input the coupon for you automatically when you add the item to your shopping basket.

It’s available today(10/2) on Pricegrabber. Lowest Price is $324

Actually PC Connection currently as of 10/03/2002 has the best price.
$338.95 + No Tax + $7.95 shipping = $346.94 but they do not have it in stock.

As I mentioned earlier DELL & GATEWAY (larger suppliers) do have it in stock. So far the other vendors don’t seem to have it in stock.

Gateway has it for $324.95 + Tax $26.81 No Shipping = $351.76

Dell “HAD” in in stock and for a DELIVERED price of $253.06
which means that buying it on October 1st from DELL would have saved you $98.70 over the 3rd best price from Gateway.
$351.76 - $253.06 = $98.70

Dell’s “delivered” price today 10/03/2002 is $281.66 which is
$28.60 more then it was 2 days ago…

Oh! well… if you wait another month, everyone will have it in stock and probably for a cheaper price then Dell had.

its out of stock all over .(in the us). until the west coast longshore labor dispute is settled i dont think we will see a lot of drives or a price drop. = ) im currently out of work until the guys settle …soon as they work … i work and i get my dvd drive . too bad i will be so busy workin overtime to catch up. no time to play with my dvd writer .waaaaa … anyway peace guys


I Got mine today,and will update all,with my limited knowledge,
of all it’s do and don’ts. BTW,it cost me $349 plus tax, I can hardly wait. As the poster above indicated,I also work a lot of overtime,and no time to play with the new toys,but you got to make time,it makes the overtime worth it. Incidentally,I got the
drive from CompUSA in Springfield,NJ…

I’m jealous now…

Supposedly mine is waiting shipping due to the recent Dock Workers strike here California

Has anyone tested this writer with some of the inexpensive (-R) media, or for that matter run this recorder through all is paces? I don’t care as much about CD-R & CD-RW performance as much as the DVD+R,+RW,-R, -RW performance. Thanks.

Black,I will test it come Thursday,and let you guys know what happens…

Well,guys,this is what I found out so far,it worked good with the DVD-RW included
in the package,and I used Nero to burn
two movies (Spiderman,and Seven) which played back without a hitch,BUT when I tried to copy the movie in Nero to a Verbatim DVD+R,it failed twice citing a
failed to complete a Disc-at -Once write.
And,it didn’t like my cheapo DVD-R’s,it acted as if there was no disc in the drive.
I must point out that maybe it was the quality of the DVD-R that it didn’t like,and
I going to get a differnt brand to work with it,and I will attempt to burn a disc from the hard drive using the Verbatim,but i think maybe it was a glitch in Nero,rather than the disc,since my computer was up since I installed the drive last night,and who knows maybe it was tired:confused: But I will try other things ,and keep you all updated,Rob