Sony DRU500A Won't Burn at 4X

I have a Sony DRU500A

My problem is with MINI DVDR
I have tried 4 different brands, all rated to be 4X compatible
my problem is I can only burn them at 1X

I am using the latest Nero and Alcohol full registered and most recent versions.
When I burn the only option is for 1X buring.

Is this a limitation of my burner? IS there anything I can do to increase to 4X speed?


This is almost certainly a limitation of your burner. This is an older burner and any -R/RW media which are not in the firmware media table will only burn at 1X. Make sure that you have the latest firmware installed, you can even get a region free version over at, but I don’t think that’s going to help, unless the drive firmware has never been updated.