Sony DRU500A vs Sony DRU500AX

Please post the difference betveen these recorders and wich of them is the allround winner…:bow:

From all that I have come across so far, the only difference between these two drives is the FIRMWARE and the SOFTWARE bundle. Physically they are the same.

The firmware that comes ‘out of the box’ with the 500ax allows for writing at 4x to dvd+r, but you can upgrade the firmware on the 500a to do the same.

You also get a more complete and up-to-date software bundle with the 500ax. As users of the 500a might recall, the manual instructed you to visit a website to download ‘full’ versions of some software.

So, once again, physically the drives are the same, its just the firmware and software bundle that is different.

To keep life simple, I would suggest that you get the 500ax instead. The prices between this and the 500a, might vary by about $10 or so, depending on the vendor.


From my limited investigations it appears the two are IDENTICAL - bar 3 very minor facts:

  1. The 500AX comes with a newer version of firmware, however 500A drives can be flashed to the same/better version.
  2. The box is different - it now states 4x DVD+R (so as to reflect the new ability with firmware version 1.0f onwards)
  3. The software supplied ‘may’ be newer (this is a guess, as opposed to anybody having reported it to be so). Software updates are available anyway from Sony’s website.

I was going to change my just purchased 500A for the 500AX, under the 30 day return policy, until I saw that there was no difference between them. :slight_smile:

If somebody who has actually purchased a 500AX could report on whether this is correct or not, even though I believe so, I’d be grateful.

Ok than I´ll go for the Dru500A…thanks for the info guys :bigsmile:

Didn’t the CD burning speed get bumped to 40X with 1.0F? Thinking about ditching my CRWF1 for the 500AX.

Originally posted by tazdevl
Didn’t the CD burning speed get bumped to 40X with 1.0F? Thinking about ditching my CRWF1 for the 500AX.

SONY DRU-500AX with firmware 2.0c writes cd,s at 24x this drive was made JANUARY 2003 the 1.0f firmware must be for the sony dru-500a drive

Just got this drive yesterday new stock arrived this week
dont know if this is the latest firmware but would expect it to be with the manufactor date being what it is…

nm I must have misread something.