Sony DRU500A Recording Quality

I’m going to buy a new DVD Writer…so i’m in doubt with Pioneer A05 and Sony DRU500A…
I’ve hear that A05 have some problems recognizing cheaper DVD-R brand and other minor problems… but i’ve see that writes DVD-R very well.
The Sony supports both formats… but I’m more interested in DVD-R/RW and not DVD+R/RW because my first idea is make XBOX backups.
The DVD+R/RW may be useful for future use…
So my question is: Has anyone tried to make DVD-R with Sony and tested with XBOX?
Pioneer makes good DVD-R that plays very well on XBOX (DVD-R burned at 2X) so i would like to know if Sony makes DVD-R with the same quality as Pioneer.
Thanks in advice!

Hello mp3dom,

I have an Sony DRU-500A and it really works great with the xbox. I use Arita DVD-R to make copies of xbox games and i use platinum DVD+RW with my xbox to test homebrew programs. I think it a great recorder and i have never had problems with it.

Thanks for your answer! I think I will buy the Sony :slight_smile: Thanks again!