Sony DRU500A FW upgrade 2.1A

Sony DRU500A FW [COLOR=RoyalBlue]upgrade 2.1A[/COLOR]

 Firmware Upgrade 2.1A   
- Allows your Dual RW drive to record at 4X on 4X compatible DVD-/+R media. 
- Improves reading and writing performance and reliability. 
- Reduces vibration noise for the discs with unbalance or eccentricity. 
- Improves audio playback on written discs with stand alone systems. 
- Improves reading and writing performance with 8cm DVD-R/RW. 
- Increases readability with Recordable Double Layer Disc. 

Thanks BoSkin, I have added it to our firmware database!

It seems to me that the 2.1A firmware removes the region code protection. Is it true?

Thanks in advance for any replies and ideas!

I highly doubt it! What makes you think this?

Thanks for the reply. I had a faulty DRU-500AX and brought back the service centre for repair. Two weeks after a center personnel called me to receive another unit (but second-hand) for replacement. At home I installed it and immediately updated to the v2.1A firmware. When I played PowerDVD for testing (Christina Aguilera Live [Area Code 1], it does not require any DVD region code software beforehand (my old DRU-500AX did require!). Then I ran the DVD region code software, and it detected that the DVD unit does not have any region code protection! So I suspect that the firmware has removed the protection. But if this is not the case, is it the fact that any of the circuit or controllers of the newly replaced unit has been “modified” or “changed” by Sony personnel? Anyone has had such an experience? Thanks!

No, it’s not. Run Nero InfoTool, DVDInfoPro or KProbe2 to view the drive’s features/info :

Bus Type ATAPI
F/W Revision 2.1a
Date Code Apr20 ,2004
Region 2
Vendor Resets Available 4
User Resets Available 2

Let’s compare it to the NEC DriveInfo :

Bus Type ATAPI
F/W Revision 1.07
Date Code HV2B4 43P7K83S21
Region Region free

Is it possible to overburn 80min cdr’s with DRU500A?

The drive doesn’t support the capacity test, so it’s Russian Roulette.

This would be the only reason that I can think of. There has been no patch created by users for the DRU-500A, so it would have to be something that Sony did. Consider yourself lucky to have one of the only region free DRU-500A’s in the world!

I’ve downloaded the new firmware, and after the system rebooted a strange thing happend. My DVD now cannot read or write black CDs. I’ve tested it with silver and golden CDs with no problem, both reading and writting with no problem.

It just refuses to even read let alone write blck CDs.

My next move is to downgrade the firmware if I’m allowed, as I have kept previous firmwares. If the problem is solved I’ll wait for a newer firmware, and send an email to SONY.

I’ve got a DRU-500A also. Downgrading is no problem, just run the firmware patcher version you want to downgrade to. This will probably be one of the last firmware updates for the 500A since its pretty much hit the ceiling performance wise, the majority of bugs have been worked out, and they’re probably going to focus on new product firmwares.