Sony DRU500A Dual Layer Firmware



Does anyone know of a flasher that will upgrade a Sony DRU500A Burner to be able to burn DVD+R DL Discs? :iagree:


While you’re at it, anyone know of a way to turn straw into gold? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I think it is read this first


I think it’s no good idea to give somebody stupid answers here! Isn’t it?


No you can’t, that model has no such upgrade. You ned to buy a DL burner.


Yup, the only two burners that I know that support the upgrade are one of the Lite-On models and the NEC 2500A. IMHO, if you really want D/L then you should try selling your burner on ebay. Plenty of idiots there who will go crazy with the bidding on your burner thereby making the total investment in a new burner quite cheap for yourself.