Sony DRU120

Hi everyone…

I was seriously planni to get a Liteon LH20A1P, but it seems there was no service in my city & no one was selling it . Also the dealers tell tat if any complaint arises , i need to directly contact srvice centres miles away… … know of any…? :confused:

So, sadly im planni to settle for Sony…one of te dealers told that Sony DRU120 has 16x speed…I searched for ths mdel , but cdnt find any info…Is this an old Model>?? which ar ethe new ones…is te delaer cheating me?? :doh:

hows it guys…anyone new reg ths model & how relaible it is…??


Hi and Welcome!

The Sony DRU 120 is the same as Sony DW-120A, which is a twin of Liteon SHM-165P6S (only difference: firmware and logo on the frontplate). There are many users here, that are quite happy with that drive and even prefer this over some of the newer 18x or 20x drives.

It has to be admitted, that this drive may be considered outdated (they are getting rare here in Germany), and I am not sure if there will be any newer firmware, since the Sony-Liteon collaboration has ended.