Sony DRU-V204A DVD-+R 20X



I just bought a Sony DRU-V204A DVD-+R 20X. I was reading on this site and someone said they flashed the firmware to AD 7200A 1.09. What are the benefits of flashing and how do I do it? I want to burn DVD’s and back up some WII games. I will be using Verbatim DVD+R and Verbatim DL media. I have been reading and searching and cannot find a step by step of flashing. This is an internal drive, do I have to flash it before I install it? After I install it? Do nothing and just start burning DVDs? I am a total newbie on this. Any help would be appreciated.



Since you are burning to very high quality disks, I don’t see any overwhelming reason to flash this drive to a 7200A. Cross flashing will void your warranty.

You should test it first in any case, just to make sure it is functioning correctly.


Thanks, I will use the software that came with it.