Sony DRU-V204A DVD-+R 20X



I bought a new Sony DRU-V204A DVD-+R 20X. I want to burn DVD’s and DL using Verbatim DVD+R media and Verbatim DL+. Do I need to flash this unit, and how do I flash it? and which flash should I use.




leave it as is. I don’t see any need to crossflash the drive to something else (given, such a crossflash exists) and voiding the warranty doing so.
And: crossflashing is not recommended for unexperienced users at all.

Verbatim media should have optimum support by all drives you can buy at the moment.



Thanks, I will start searching for the best DVD software to use.


Yep, no need to cross-flash that drive at all. Use it as is, unless you find some specific deficiency with the included firmware. For burning Verbatim media, you definitely do NOT need to cross-flash any drive. Verbatim works with almost everything, no matter the firmware.