Sony DRU DW-120A Not Reading DL DVD

[qanda]This thread is about the Sony DW-G120A / DRU-120C. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi all,

I am not able to read a Dual Layer DVD ( A movie DVD) . I own a Sony DW-G120A drive. The drive used to read this DVD before ( Even during the previous attempt, it took a while and few attemps to read). Doe is indicate any hardware failure?

I am able to read DVDs (Single Layered) at good sppeds. I am able to write DVDs at goog speeds.

When I insert the Dual Layered movie DVD. The system doesw ot recognize the disc and says insert a CD o DVD.

I have tried opening the drive on XP Sp2, Vista etc. The Drive does not spin and the LED blinks 6 times and stops blinking. When I touch the drive I do not feel the vibrations that are produced when it spinning at higher speeds.

Could any one help me find/ rule out any hardware failure?