Sony DRU-870S Door Jam?



I just bought this dvd burner. It is a great burner. Though, I am facing a weird problem. When I press the eject button, it works normal when nothing is inside. Though, when inserting a disc (dvd or cd). When I attempt to eject it, about 0.2cm of the door gets out. Then, it gets jammed for less than half a second. After that, it gets fully ejected. Is this normal? Should I replace the drive? I have included a video of the issue. It is only 2mb:



I just flashed the drive with the newest firmware 1.61. It did not help with this issue. There is something I just discovered. Tilting the drive forward and backward makes small hissing sound. Is this normal? For the owners of this drive. Could you confirm those two issues please? Thanks a lot for reading.


Any ideas?


Most optiarcs 724xS (the 870 is an 7240S) do that, i had my drive for almost a year and it does this, but so far i didn’t have any problems with the tray.


vroom, thanks a lot for your continuous support. Do you think I should replace the drive? I have just bought it yesterday. Is this a firmware based problem? Have you seen any 724xS drive that does not do this? There is something else I would like to mention. When I insert the disc. I can eject it immediately without any problems. Though, when the disc is loaded it does this jamming when I attempt to eject it.


No i don’t think that this is a firmware problem or it will be fixed with a new one, it’s the way that the 7240S series works, also i didnt see any 7240S working different.
If you don’t like the way this drive works and maybe you feel unhappy about it change it, but as i said i didn’t have any problems with my 7240S and i am having this drive with the tray issue for almost a year, and so far so good.


Thanks a lot, vroom. I really like this drive. It worked with everything I tried so far (including the discs my previous burner did not recognize). The tray issue is annoying. Though, if this is the only thing that is wrong with the drive. Then, I will get used to it. Thanks again for the advice and suggestions. God bless you.

P.S. I have contacted the Sony support yesterday by email. I will report back if they say anything useful.



I just purchased a retail Sony DRU-870S sata and had the same problem - but - on just testing in another newer machine found that it worked just fine. Upon further checking it turned out the SMPS in the regular machine was not upto scratch and couldn’t safely supply power to more than 2 sata drives! Therefore, if you get a chance, test it in a different system (preferably a newer one) and see whether it works.

(BTW the original machine on which it was installed had an ‘Enhance’ PSU rated at 450W but it was not providing that according to a service engineer. This seems to be a common occurrence).

Some food for thought… :slight_smile: