Sony DRU-865S Crossflash to Liteon iHAS422, but...?

I saw it’s possible to Crossflash Sony DRU-865S to Liteon iHAS422, but… someone said he had Crossflashed an AD-7220 to Liteon iHA322 and should be possible to flash it to iHAS422 too… so my stupid question is;

is it possible to Crossflash the Sony to the Optiarc directly ???
same hardware/chip ??? seems to be possible

iHAS422 MT1859LL clones: AD-7221S, SONY DRU-865S, ASUS 22B1LT

So how to crossflash from SONY DRU-865S to AD-7221S ???

the purpose is to see if the Optiarc could be MacOS compatible…
like the AD-5260S or 7260S …
is it possible to revert if not ???

Sony’s one don’t allow sleep on MacOS… firmware or hardware issue ?