Sony DRU-842a



So, what can this drive be crossflashed to?
NEC. LiteOn?


It seems to be a NEC/Optiarc 7200A from this post.

If that’s the case, there are three other Sony-boxed 7200A models:


I tried flashing with the 7200A firmware and kept getting a checksum error. Used the latest binflash and even tried in PIO mode!?!?!


You may need to boot into SAFE mode and try PIO setting again.


Got it. In safe mode, would not flash MediaCodeSpeedEdit. Did work with Liggys firmware and then did Dee’s. Great deal!


[QUOTE=pfloyd1;2183724]would not flash MediaCodeSpeedEdit.[/QUOTE]
MCSE is not compatible with the latest files that contain more than one firmware. (5200A/S, 7200A/S and 7203A/S firmware 1.09)