Sony dru-842A == Optiarc 7200A?

I get the impression from this post:
that Sony’s DRU-842A can use modified Optiarc 7200A firmware and allow me to change the booktype on recorded dvd+r’s. I dumped the original firmware from the drive with NECWinFlash (important since the original firmware doesn’t appear on Sony’s website), and it successfully produced a file of 1793KB. When I unzip the Optiarc firmware, it’s 3,585KB. Something doesn’t seem right here. If it makes a difference, I was not in safe mode, nor was the I/O set to PIO only when I dumped the firmware.
So, can the DRU-842A use the modded Optiarc firmware? Did I screw up the dump of the original firmware and wind up with a truncated file? Is there some other reason for the difference in file size? It would be really cool to be able to burn dvd-ROM’s. :smiley:

Please wait for someone like Liggy to respond in this thread. He will ask you to send him a copy of your DRU-842A firmware. Let him look at it. He will be able to tell you with much more certainty whether you did the dump correctly and whether the firmware is compatible with the AD-7200A.

Until then, I’d leave your drive as is.

Dumping a firmware is always a good idea (and giving it to me an even better one :bigsmile:) and if dumping with Binflash is possible, there should at least be a different firmware that can be flashed.

The drive type can already be detected by looking at the last 6 Bytes of the firmware.

The files provided by Optiarc are bigger for a simple reason. Currently drives with two different bootcode versions are available which each require a different firmware. The original flasher (and the latest Binflash version) will check the drive’s current bootcode and flash the version that matches your bootcode.

Thanks for the help guys! I uploaded the dru-842A firmware, it’s version 1.60 - the only version from Sony so far AFAIK.

Liggy, when you say that the last 6 bytes tell you the drive type, do you mean it has the chipset info, or specifically that in this case it’s an 842A? I took a peek at the firmware in a hex editor (I’ve done a little eprom hacking in my day), and I expected to see a text string there to ID the drive, but there wasn’t one. It did look like a normal dump in that there was a bunch of code, then empty space and finally some data at the end (usually a checksum, is it in this case?).

BTW, if it’d help, I can grab a screenshot from Nero InfoTool so you can see what this drive/firmware claims it can do.

The DRU-842A is indeed a AD-7200A rebadge. I guess it’s quite similar to the DRU-V204A firmware but I didn’t check any further.

The last 6 Bytes of this firmware contain the text “G20012”. “G200” in this case shows that it’s an AD-7200A drive and 12 means that your drive has (or at least should have) the version 0.12 bootcode.

Liggy, you are The MAN! :bow: I just burned my first DVD-ROM. :bigsmile: Very cool, thanks very much for all your help and hard work.