Sony DRU-840A SS01 will not Burn DVD in DMA Mode

[QUOTE=Albert;2053083]When dragging the Video_TS folder over, it should ask if you meant to burn as a video disc, and it should automatically make it compatible. If dragging and dropping the Video_TS folder itself doesn’t do that, try going up a level and drag-n-drop the folder that houses Video_TS.

I’ve done it before, and it worked swimmingly.

To get the log: Open up ImgBurn, select “View>>Log”. Save that. ;)[/QUOTE]

One mistake I made was downloading “Expressburn” instead of ImgBurn, the latter is much more flexible. I used that and it performed exactly as you stated. However the Verbatim discs still failed, using PIO instead of DMA on the secondary IDE channel. I had been able to burn some discs successfully using Memorex DL discs using DVDFAB Platinum, except for one disc that had some broken links, for some special features.

So I removed Sony DRU-840A SS01 and installed the old burner Sony DVD RW DW-Q28A and was able to burn a DVD folder correctly using ImgBurn.

This is also after removing Nero 7 from my system as I described above.

I note that I NEVER had trouble with INCD on my system for YEARS before, I was able to burn DVD DL Memorex and all different brands successfully. I have yet not be able to pin down what has changed and created the conflict. I would experiment some more but I dont want to waste any more discs so I will stick with this very slow ImgBurn PIO IDE channel transfer for awhile.

I note that others have complained about the Sony DRU-840A SS01 and I found that instead of helping my problem it just made it worse.

@ BlaineIII,

For new modern IDE DVD Burners to function and perform correctly requires the use of an Ultra DMA (80-Conductor) IDE/ATA Cable ( Have you ensured that you are in fact using an Ultra DMA (80-Conductor) IDE/ATA Cable and have the Devices properly installed/connected as detailed in the “Connector Assignments and Color Coding” paragraph of the above referenced Web Link.