Sony dru 840a or samsung SH-S202

Hi everybody, I’d like to ask you for help in choosing dvd burner with p-ata interface.

I’ ve read many reviews and opinions on the abovementioned burners and am at a loss. I simply don’t know what to choose.

Priority for me is the quality, I really don’t care for speed or noise the burner generates. I mostly burn DVDs, and have many disc burnt already so I am also expecting good error correction (because many of disc are already in pooor condition…).

I’d be grateful if you could give your own opinion on both:

as these r the only two dvd rw available in local markets

I am willing to upgrade or modify the firmware if it helps in features and or quality increase, even willing to cross firmware
I mean i know u can cross firmware a liteon on some sony models and if that gives a better drive that would be really kool!!:cool:

They are the basically the same drive. It is actually a Samsung SH-202 drive.

whats the best firmware for Samsung SH-202?

[QUOTE=slytrans69;2016770]They are the basically the same drive. It is actually a Samsung SH-202 drive.[/QUOTE]

I thought the 830 was based on the sammy 202 and the 840 based on a lite-on?

Look at this:
Sony does this a lot . First Sonys were rebadged Lite On then … :

-DRU-810A = BenQ 1640

-DRU-810A-R = BenQ 1650

-DRU-820A = BenQ 1670

-DRU-830A = Samsung 182D

-DRU-835A = Samsung 183L (Lightscribe)

-DRU-840A = Samsung 202

hi folks i got the sh-s202j/rsbn
any idea wats the best firmware
i was looking at the thread

got the S202J.SB01.patched-fb-fr.rar on unrar i have two bin files which one to use

If you take a look at the first post in that thread, C0deKing explains what each one is and what it does. :slight_smile:

Personally, for my 203N, I will be choosing the FB-FR firmware :wink:

I have the SH-S202J. I used the Media Code Speed Edit patched to FB-FR. It is right fine.