Sony DRU-840A Burn Speed

I’m new to CD Freaks site & forum. Can/will somebody please help me with getting the firmware for disabling/overriding the Quiet Drive feature on my Sony DRU-840A’s (I have two in my computer) so that I can back-up my dvd movies quicker?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome to cdfreaks !
Looks like you posted in the wrong forum, as this Sony drive is a Samsung clone :). Have a look here.

Thanks ala42. Yes, the rebadging of drives does make it difficult at times to know where to post. Thread moved to the Samsung forum.

bigdog2864, you can get the stock firmware here:

and then by using the link provided by ala42, make your own patches, including the remove riplock patch (quiet drive feature, as you call it). :wink: