Hey so I got this drive from TigerDirect manufactured on September 2006 in Indonesia. As far as I know they’re all made in Indonesia but from the recent outsourcing from Japan to other places I don’t know about that… and I’ve seen a comment on NewEgg some guy says its from Tokyo but I kinda doubt it.

Anyway, problem is that i have really high PIF PIE on TY02s from and i check the hub its the TG000041 batch. 4 scans and 2 on another computer the best i got was like 40,000 PIE and 10,000 PIF and rising (1/3 of the burn) which is unacceptable with Taiyo Yuden. So I have some pretty nice ATA133 rounded cables but ordered the RD3XP after i did some research from somewhere in Europe since theyre the only ones who have them. But anyway the drive itself is packaged in a box that has all the labels in about four languages and DOES NOT have a black bezel replacement. THe one in the review had the replacement and had the labeling mostly in english with the ss20 firmware and MUCH MUCH nicer burns manufactured in August 2006 (as opposed to mine which was in September 2006) with the same media at a higher speed (i burned at 4x) as well as the one on NEWEGG. So I’m wondering if the TigerDirect drive (my drive) was a cheaper international version or something like that. I also did the Sony Drive Check thing and it passed completely on my drive.

So questions… basically is my drive a cheaper version (returned it recently and buying the other drive)? And also can I force the burner to burn slower on TY02 than 4x like 1x for like the best PS2 game burns? Thanks for your guys’ help. And sorry I can’t supply any proof of scans.