Sony DRU-830A or LG GSA-H22L?

Hi, I was looking to replace my Sony 810A/BenQ 1640 with either the DRU-830A or the GSA-H22L but am unable to decide. price would not be the issue here, but rather burn quality/compatibility and speed. i would have chosen the LG for sure, until i read that they can not do quality scans. so, on for the LG, i would have the LS feature; on the sony, i would not have LS, but would be able to do quality scans. i am aware that the H22N is essentially the same as the H22L sans the LS feature, but i am just wondering which would be a better choice b/w the Sony 830A and the LG H22L.

btw, i saw the review on the 830A and it seems to be pretty good, i would probably be able to decide more easily if only there was a review on the H22L :(…are the DL burns as good/better than those on the Sony 830A?

Thanks in advance for any helpful advice :slight_smile:

H22N/H22L is a pretty good burner of DL media. Hasn’t made a single coaster yet in my usage. What brand of DL media [and at what speed] are you planning to burn?

I hesitate to compare it to the Sony 830A a.k.a. Samsung 182D. You should decide based on how important quality scanning is to you; but keep in mind that a simple read-back test or a verification pass following a burn is sometimes a more effective and a faster means of ensuring readability of a disc.

thanks for the reply :). so far, ive only used some memorex DL @ 2.4 (i forget what the media code was). i plan on getting some verbatims when they go on sale. hm…perhaps i will go with the 830A just b/c i do tend to do quality scans every once in a while. its just that i would like to have the LS capability and the fast burns as well :P. oh well. thanks again for the reply :slight_smile: