Sony DRU-830A Firmware SS25



Hi, I recently did a dumb thing. I downloaded the upgraded firmware for my 830A, but was tired and did not notice(until it was too late) that I actually downgraded my firmware from SS25 to SS23. I cannot find SS25 firmware at sony or anywhere else, how can I get it back to SS25? Any ideas? Will Sony release the SS25? Thanks allot for your assisstance.


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Unfortunately I don’t think there’s any tools for dumping the firmware from an existing drive, so unless Sony puts it online, you may be out of luck here.


I just did the same damn thing!

had ss25 and flashed to ss23 (now the recorder is having all the problems)

i cant believe i just bought the drive and the very first thing i did was flash it

just got off phone with sony and they say return which is what im going to do unless there is someway to flash it to ss25 (i cant find this firmware anywhere) so someone needs to pull it off a working dru830a

isnt this drive also a samsung SH something?

is there a way to flash it to that drive somehow?


Make that three of us! I upgraded my older DRU820 and the flash program paused to verify i wanted to upgrade and showed me the versions.
It worked well.

However, the DRU-830 flash program did not do the same. Damn! Well, I’ll learn from your lesson and not waste time on the phone with support, i’ll just take it back for a new one.

Best of luck all.


ok i have found out some more info on this…

there must be something wrong here maybe oyu all can help me out…

the first drive i bought had SS25 firmware and it came with a pink CD (this is the one i down graded to SS23 on accident

took that one back and got another DRU830a off the shelf and got that one home and installed it (it had SS15 and i upgraded it to SS23 and it came with a BLACK CD) when i booted acronis CD it booted ok but it would not let me select the dvd-rom drive to restore an image from…there simply was no DVD-roms ro select from…only hard drive showed up and floppy drive…

took that one back and had em open a couple boxes to see if they had a pink CD (thinking that this one will have SS25 on it like before)…got it home and installed it…SS23 it came with…and acronis still dont see the drive upon booting from CD

when i talked to SONY they said their programmers are working on something else besides getting SS25 ready to be a dloadable file that we can update too…

something is wrong here…i think the SS25 firwared drives either are different drives (insides) then the pervious firmwared drives…
or something is wrong with that firmware…

either way the (SS15 and the SS23) shipped drives do not recognize the dvd-rom itself when booting acronis true image boot cd

is there anyone that can find out what is the deal with these drives and firmware?

hoped any info i gave can help someone sort out what the heck is going on with these drives and sony firmwares

ok found out some more info

in the above where i said i was booting acronis true image 10.0 and it would make it into its program but it wouldnt see the dvd-rom drive it self to restore an image from isnt exactly true…i was picking “acronis true image “Safe mode”” and it wasnt loading the drivers for the dvd-rom probably…if you pick “acronis true image “Full version”” it will see the drives ok and the image file)

BUT there is another problem

if you boot to windows and start “acronis true image home” or “Bootable Rescue Media Builder” it does not see the dvd rom drive if you try to “create a bootable rescure media cd” that lets you boot up and make an image of your hd

so something is wrong here its not seeing the drive for some reason if you run true image home from with in windows to make a bootable cd that lets you create/restore images of your hard drive cause there is no option to select the drive (cause it simply dont show up as an option to pick) to create a bootable cd


This a new firmware for Sony DRU-830A???



Thanks for reporting :bow: