Sony DRU-830A DVD Drive writes but doesn't read

I just opened up this new drive and did some test burns. They did burn (eventually), I had to slow the speed down to 8x for a successful burn (I made 3 coasters) but it did eventually burn properly.
This is a problem on its own but the major problem is that no discs at all read in this drive. Be they data or music or films, it doesn’t read anything. When I put a disc in, the light flashes for a while (maybe 40sec - 1.30min), then when it finally registers the disc (regardless of what it actually is) it says a blank CD has been inserted.

This is quite a large problem and I have no idea where to start troubleshooting. I did update the firmware but there was no change from the update. If this is buggered I need to return it soon as I will be away for a while and won’t be available to return it.

EDIT: CDs are actually read fine, so it seems the read problem is with any/all DVDs. Is there some sort of option that must be set in order to enable DVD reading??

Same problem I am too experincing…with the same drive model!
I sent the drive for replacement…got one and then tried to run the same drive on my vendor’s PC it read all fine! So I realised that it was with my PC!

Certain solutions which I found were…to re-install windows OS…coz the drivers were no installed rightly for that “particular” drive! (Yeah…i know some may find this ridiculous…but it might just work…I will be trying soon…to just over-install…not a fresh installl)…Else scavenge the net for more solutions…!:wink: