Sony DRU 830-A issue - speed issues

I am just learning to use this burner, for both DVDs and CDRs. However, with CDRs, it will not burn above 12X. This is pretty frustrating since the burn speed tests say it will go 32X.

I have read through several related posts on this site, and tried many of the suggestions for increasing the speed of the DRU 830-A.

I have gone to the Device Manager, and for the IDE channel which claims my Sony burner, the Transfer Mode for Device 0 is set to “DMA If Available”, yet the Current Transfer Mode is “PIO Mode.” The same situation is happening for Device 1. How do I change the Current Transfer Mode from PIO Mode to DMA Mode (and do I need to).

Any help would be appreciated.

Jamie :bow:

What OS are you using? If you are using XP I can tell you the steps to take to edit your registry so it will work in Ultra DMA mode. I don’t know if it would work for any other OS