Sony Dru-820a?

I’m planning on purchasing a dual layer DVD burner. IS the SONY DRU-820A a good unit? Thanks for your feedback!

I have a DRU-820A and it outperforms my BenQ 1655 on dual layer burning by far. I’ve made about 10-12 DL copies and not one coaster w/ the Sony. My BenQ made a coaster about 40% of the time. All on Verbatim media.

Isn’t the Sony 820 just an rebadged Benq 1670 anyway?!?!

yeah but doesnt the 1650/55 have some improvements to make with DL burning at higher speeds(4x,6x,8x)?

I have a sony duel layer burner and I am very satisfied. I have burned 50 duel layers and CD’s and single layers.

I am having an unusual problem burningTV shows to DVD. I have tried three different media types but the same thing happens. The show plays on a set top player for 45 minutes or so then stops and goes to the root menu. I tried three different machines and all of them did the same thing. It plays all the way on the computor but not the set top? I record the show using my Hauppage tuner card and burn them on the Sony burner using Niro?

Let’s start a duel…

No, it’s called DUAL burner. :bigsmile:

i think its best if you make a new thread for you issue. :slight_smile: