SONY DRU-820A wrong name in Windows 2000


This problem is pretty strange, when I open My Computer or the Windows Explorer and with no disc inside the unit, it appears as if a disc were inserted because it shows the name of the label of one I’ve got.
Also, when I insert a disc, the label change correctly to the currently disc label, but when I take out the disc, it appaers again as if there were a disc.

It is pretty annoying, always thinking that there is a disc inside the unit.
Well, thank you for reading and anyone knows something I will appreciate it.


seems as if some autorun/autoplay features were disabled. Nothing to be worried about. Refreshing the Explorer window using F5 key should help.


Well, I have rebooted the PC, open and closing the Windows Explorer, I’ve already tried the F5 key, but the problem continues. I even change the letters for the units, to see, if it changes, and it does, everything goes back to normal, but if I put other unit in the letter E:, it appears the label of a disc that it’s not inserted.

This is only a cosmetic issue. Nothing to worry about, even if it is rather annoying :frowning:

I know it is. It really drives one crazy. So there is no hope in solving it?

remove the drive physically, reboot without it, shutdown and then reconnect it.
this could help, but i’m not sure.

There is, as there are only some registry keys changed. Just search (use advanced search feature) for “autorun” and “autoplay”. You may start here:


I follow your advice, and I got this interesting results:


In this direction appears the list of letters that one has activated for the diferent units, as you saw in the Windows Explorer picture, the unit with problem is the J:. So, as you can observe there is a KEY called DefaultLabel with a value (predetermined) -in the picture (predeterminado) because is in spanish- with Data (in the picture Datos) that has been making my mind into pieces. In a first step I deleted the DefaultLabel entry, but as soon as I rebooted or press F5, the KEY reappears again :Z . And that really pissed me off :a , but I cooled down (again!), and make a search with the word Naota and found the next entries:


In this entry there is only the J unit, with the annoying “Naota”


It looks exactly as in the first case, just that in this direction.

I deleted every entry, and at last the problem was solve :bow: . It has been interesting, it’s the first time I see somehitng like this. I hope this could help someone, sometime.
Thank you, everyone who post here.

PS: Sorry i don’t know how to insert the images corretly in the places I want.