SONY DRU-820A, just looking for an advice

I just received this burner as replacement for a defective DRU-810A. I’ve burned about 10 DVDs till now with perfect results. But I notice in every burn that the buffer’s device oscillated between 9%, 84%, 92% and 97%; and in spite of this behavior, the DVD burned well.

The firmware of the DRU-820A is 1.0b, so i don’t know if it’s recommendable to update the firmware.

Thanks in advance for you time and Happy new year!! :slight_smile:

  1. Make sure you are using an 80-conductor IDE cable.
  2. Set the drive to either Master or Slave, avoiding Cable Select.
  3. Remove any chipset IDE drivers and use Micro$oft’s own.

The latest firmware is 1.0c, and typically, it’s only to support new media types. You can try and see if it helps with the buffer fluctuation, but I doubt it will.

Kill your internet connection while burning, dont ask me why but it solved the same problem for me.

Thank you to both of you, I tried everything you suggested me during this four weeks, and results that it didn’t work, but in spite of everything no DVD-rom burned bad.

So, I don’t what it is, but the unit burn ok, with avarage burning times, so I guess I have to live with that!!, LOL.