Sony DRU-820a DVD writer hangs my computer

i have a problem with my sony dru-820a dvd writer from the time i bought it. when i insert a cd, dvd or any other media it often hangs my computer. when it doesnt hang my computer, it doesnt recognize that there is a disc in the drive. sometimes i am able to burn discs but often not. i sent this to the shop where i bought it but they insist that there is nothing wrong with my sony dvd writer. i once was able to burn a dvd data disc, but the drive isnt able to read the finished disc. it says the disc is corrupted. can anybody help me with it? i have the latest firmware for this drive.


Make sure you are using a 80-conductor IDE cable with DMA turned on.

how do i turn on the dma?

my system is p4 2.4 ghz, intel 845gbv motherboard, sony dru-820s dvd writer, i have a cd writer drive in the same computer which is asus 48X24X52. can you please guide me on how to turn on the DMA?

my OS is windows xp sp2

Keep the Sony on its own channel and not pair it up with the CD burner. Under Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager > IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers, find the drive in appropriate channel and right click for Properties, then Advanced Settings. It should be listed as UDMA-4.

You probably didnt check the jumpers on the back of the drive. You can use it with the other CD drive, just make sure one is master and the other is slave. Not a good idea to put on the same cable as your HDD is.

thank you very much KTL. i changed the cable to an 80 pin one and my computer no longer hangs, thanks! however, now my problem is it doesnt recognize a blank dvd recordable disc. it says please insert a disc to drive F:. anyway, maybe i can fix this problem myself. thanks!

Which software says so ?

windows under my computer, it cant recognize some dvd recordables…

Windows does not support blank disks. Can the disk be seen by cdspeed or the burning application you use ?

it can read some but it cant read the SONY DVD+R. maybe there is something wrong with these discs. ill buy other brands to test it. because it burns drd+rw with no problem now. i guess these are sony imitations. anyway, thanks for the help

I have the same sony DRU-820A burner and it used to play DVD movies but now doesn’t. It just spins and grunts and the movie isn’t recognized. It says “drive not ready” or I get some “F/” drive error. It still plays the movies I own. Can anyone please advise a solution? thank you very much.