Sony DRU-820A DVD Burner Review

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The Sony DRU-820A, Sony’s newest DVD burner incorporates DVD-RAM recording, creating a true DVD Multi drive. Single layer 4.7GB DVD burning is supported at 16X max. Double Layer and Dual Layer Recording speed is 8X max. DVD+RW speeds are 8X max for DVD+RW and 6X max for DVD-RW respectively. DVD-RAM recording is supported at 5X max. Ultra fast 48X max CD-R burning and 32X max CD-RW means you no longer need a separate CD Burner for high performance CD burning.

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Sony 820A=Benq1670? i heard someone mention this…i know its strange since the 1670 isnt out yet!:d

Anydvd is better but it costs 39.00 this is free and does the same job.

Hi, I’ve been using Fab Decrypter and it’s great. I’ve tried other software that’s been much more expensive and promised many things , but Fab has out done them all. I love it when they say that they will copy all movies and when you try, screens pop up saying they can’t for whatever reason or other. But Fab, always comes through. There have been times when there have been problems but between the very timely updates and the outstanding help I’ve gotten at the CD Freaks Forum I’ve been able to always resolve any issues that have arisen. Thanks Fengtao for a great product and hard work :slight_smile:

I HAVE THIS. but it reads my dvd’s like cd’s. my dvd’s has 4.7 gb of space. but when i go to my computer it only show me 638 mb. can anyone help me with this problem

well, I couldn’t write with it with DVD-cloner 4, after taking image from several movies it turned out that the software doesn’t support it, and I’m very very disappointed for the money I’ve lost over the writer and the software.

The only reason I have this burner is because my other two burners ate it. And I use Sony Vegas and Architect-- so its compatible. Otherwise, its a piece of crap, the slowest burner I have ever had in my life. When it runs, my entire computer is virtually unusable. Discs take for freaking ever to write. Not recommended unless you are desperate. :r

I don’t understand how something that costs $39.00 is better than something that does the same thing for free. Strange logic. All I can say is that there is nothing that I have come across that I haven’t been able to copy using Fab Decrypter

i also have this burner this is really shit… suppose i burn 10 dvd/cd than the result is 6-7 dvd/cd burn successful rest are verification fail … tried on windows ,linux,hackintosh same result … not suggested for purchase… pls tell me which dvd writer should i purchase lite on/samsung/hp or any other :c :c :c :c :c :c :c :c :c :c :c :c