Sony DRU-810A

Have problem with Sony DRU-810A DVD burner. It does not burn DVD in DMA mode. It does only in PIO mode, but it is way too slow and my internet connection is almost frozen while burning DVD. I have new firmware and new driver from sony instaled, the secondary IDE recognize DMI mode 2 , it does not default back to PIO mode but the speed is 0 if I use DMI mode. When in PIO mode the speed is only 1.2 or slower and it takes 1 hour to burn DVD. I am running XP prof. windows.
Any idea what to look for!
Thanks! :sad:

Could be the ribbon cable is bad (try another) or IDE-drivers (is nForce installed?)… Have you tried uninstalling the IDE-channel in Device Manager yet?

I did try to uninstall the IDE-channel. But still does not work. I did not install N-force. What is N-force and where can I get it. Thanks!

Forgot to mention all of this happened after SP2 pack instalation.

nForce is the driver-package for mainboards with an nVidia chipset. The included IDE-driver often causes problems with optical drives, but if you don’t have an nVidia chipset, this won’t be a concern to you… Which chipset is your mainboard based on (Intel, VIA, SiS, nVidia, ATI)?

I’d definitely try with another ribbon cable, preferably 80-wire (Ultra ATA 66/100).

Well I am great on this stuff, how do I figure out what is the chipset.

In Device Manager, under System Devices, do you see Intel, VIA, SiS, nVidia, ATI?

Did you get any documentation with your PC (like the motherboard manual) or is it an OEM-PC (Dell, HP, etc.)?

I am at work, will check later. I know the motherboard is exchanged and it is PC chips motherboard. Can’t remember now what model , but will check later. I have been in device manager too many times and I don’t remember anything like Intel, VIA, SIS…
I remember there is primary IDE, secondary IDE and I believe something like standard dual…
I will verify later and let you know.
Also I bought the 80 pin cable and will install it later!
After talking to Sony tech. support they told me tha PIO mode is better then DMA, because it is burning better. Does this make any sense, or they are trying to cover their ass.
Thanks for the support!

They should say the other way around. Ultra DMA Mode 2 (for your Sony) is much better than PIO mode.

This ODD is truely one of the best drives I went theough so many cheapies that I bought this one and yet to have a problem. Get this thing sorted out and I’m sure you’ll agree.

If PC Chips, chances are it’s a SiS chipset (although they give it their own name in the manual). I believe the new cable may fix it for you and no, you can’t burn DVD’s in PIO mode at more than a snail’s pace… need UDMA2 at least. Let us know what happens!

I bought Ultra Ata 66 ribbon cable 18" long in CompUsa for $35.00
I see the best buy has Ultra Ata 133 for $19.00 and it support 66/100/133. It is round cable 36 "long. Is this the same cable, I mean can I use the cheaper one from Best Buy that appears to be better.

I would think so but really do you need such a long cable for youe case?

Ultra ATA 66/100/133 is one and the same thing. You don’t need a round cable, a simple flat ribbon cable from your PC-shop around the corner will do. They may well give you one for free, as they come bundled with mobo’s, hard disks, etc. $35 is a real rip-off…

Yeap, $35 for a single 18" flat IDE cable is a rip off. I usually get less than $20 for 6 18" IDE cables from newegg but they changed the prices now.

Edit: found the old thread:

OK, it turns out that I already had 80 wire cable. Anyway I replaced it with new one, still no change. Writing speed 0. The motherboard I have is PC Chips model M825G and it has VIA chipset!

When you say “writing speed is 0” what do you mean exactly? Does your burning program give an error and refuse to burn?

Also, install the VIA 4in1 drivers, version 4.43 from here:
if you haven’t done so already.

Cresida thanks for all the help. I downloaded the file, stil no luck. When I said speed is 0 I mean there is actual and write speed. Write speed is 16 actual is always 0. I never get any error, it just seems to be locked up. I cancel the burn but I can’t take DVD out unless I shut down PC. I saw another think on the computer that maybe interesting. The primary IDE channel is set to DMA , transfer mode is 5. Now when I reboot the system, after it finds the hard drive under the hard drive name it says: DMA mode 5 disabled but available. I believe that may have something to do with the issue I am having.

DMA mode 5 disabled but available. I believe that may have something to do with the issue I am having.

When this says this what does it say right under this?