Sony dru 810a

i have a sony dru810a dvdrw drive

i wanna know whats special features it has if any and if it has any software tweaks to add on features. also how can i maximize its performance


I’m pretty sure that it is a rebadged benq 1640 which is a pretty good drive. Check out the review below for more info on that drive and the second link is the benq forum (try the faq first, it tells quite a bit). You can cross flash it to a benq and do with it whatever you could with a benq.

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Firstly the Sony 810 is a little no frills DVDRW. You should try it first & see if it meets your requirements. If it doesn’t as ripit says it is in fact a BenQ 1640 clone. Check out the reviews for this drive. You can also download the QSuite manual (double click link in my sig) this will give you an idea of the utilities available to you with a crossflashed (this does void your warranty) drive. Yes if you do take this step you can flash back again.
Tips on flashing:
BTW If you do crossflash to a 1640, you’ll need QSuite 2.1 (again see link in my sig).